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This instrument seeks to address the lack of an information technology platform in Uruguay aimed at identifying all the national institutions and units that carry out scientific research and/or technological development activities, as well as the knowledge and research topics in which such institutions focus.

The original objective of this work has been to map all the relevant institutions. The second phase consisted in the development of a software that uses geo-referenced information obtained from an public interactive platform that can be updated and improved continuously, based on data provided by the researchers.

For the survey process, several sources of public information were used, most importantly the CVUy (Curriculum Vitae Uruguay), which gathers resumes of researchers categorized by the National Innovation Agency - ANII (Agencia Nacional de Investigación e Innovación). Such system, managed by ANII, provided extremely valuable information for the development of the platform.

The analysis focused on the institutions that carry out research activities on Higher Education, Government, and Nonprofit Institutions, as well as research units that exist within those institutions.

We hope that this would be a useful tool for researchers, private sector, National Government and local Governments, as well as different units that promote investment and foreign trade.


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